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(Suzanne was an avid beauty contestant for many years. She even won the “Little Miss Pork Chop” competition in 1975. She lived to smile, sing and walk that runway in her favorite tutu!  Alas, it was not to be... An unfortunate incident at the 1976 finals of the “Junior Miss Tractor” competition caused her to be banned from pageants in Virginia. (Nothing was ever proved and the other girl did recover with almost no permanent damage).

Anyway, the runway was her world and so it took Suzanne several years before she found her new passion. Luckily she discovered a love for rats and founded the “Share Your Home with a Rodent” movement. She lives very happily now with her two children and 70 pet rats.)

Okay Okay .... Here is the real scoop ...

Suzanne Holt, formally Suzanne Mills. I was single mom for many years,owning and operating my own business of custom painting.  I have twoincredible teenagers, Jaqie a senior at Central HS and Alex, a Sophomore. They both have brought me through some very tough times, they make me veryproud. A couple of years ago my two great friends and I decided it would be fun to host a radio show, and here we are. Recently I met anincredible man and am now very happily married, working a fabulous business working with animals, one of my passions. Life is good!!!

.  Check out photos from her wedding.


Check Out Suzanne’s Health Tips for a Healthy Happy Life.

About Sue

Note From Suzanne:

Every hour of every day, someone is diagnosed with MS. That's why I registered for the MS Bike Tour, and why I'm asking you to support my fund raising efforts with a tax-deductible donation.

The link below will take you to the


Directions to donate. Click on the Donate to Suzanne button at the top of the thermometer. It will take you to a page that will give you choices on donations. You can go to the last button and put in the amount you would like to contribute, and thank you so much!


This is the product I used for my cleanse, this is a truly amazing product that has given me so many positive benefits. I recommend that everyone do a cleanse of some sort, this one is really easy, and results are quick.

Go to to check it out. Any questions, just email me at or Suzanne@justsayitradiosho


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